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The business will need additional capital in order to scale the business throughout the globe.


  • Coin Distribution (10%) RC token distribution is defined as follows: ICO (60%), Advisory (5%), Charity (5%), Marketing (4%), Bounty (1%), Reserve fund
    Symbol ) TDC
    Total Supply 58 Million TDC Token
    Initial Rate 1 TDC token= 0.20USD
    Currency Accepted BTC, ETH, USD Accepted

    • Introduction to TDC Coin TOKEN
    • TDC Coin token is a virtual currency that will be accepted and used by the providers that uses our platform.

    • Why buy TDC Coin?
    • TDC Coin was established with the view that we need a change in education sector in modern days change is directly proportion to wealth, community and users via TDC Coin we earn above and in transparent way its charity will be fully utilized in education sector. RC team being in education market for many years. It became obvious that we are lagging behind a change in education sector. This is not because we do not want to live in educational atmosphere and allow the community to benefit today and improve the institute for future generation. There are so many intermediary players between the good education and student. If the customer pays for quality education, why not participating in the market directly and support the education sector. TDC Coin is a pre-minded crypto currency means that RC miners create the market. By mining the coins transaction are added and recorded to RC Database. The database resembles a block chain, which confirms that a certain number of transactions have been made.

    • TDC Platform
    • TDC Coin is a block chain based trading network. It deploys smart contracts and enables it participants to invest and finance education base project as well as earn in a efficient secure and transparent way by purchasing the different crypto. TDC Coin is not a government or any bank prints because TDC Coin is not a physical format. This currency is not physically printed in the shadows by the central bank. TDC Coin making its own rules. TDC connects peers, companies, institutional investors etc. TDC is very fast you can send anywhere and anyone by a single click. If you are selling products or services or if you want to buy any service or product then you can send or get payment quickly in form of RC.

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